White Mountains Lodge: hiker haven and halfway house for former thruhiker trash…

White Mountain Lodge, Shelburne,NH

I just noticed the date. It has been just over six months (plus a day) since I walked up some very steep metal stairs along a picturesque Amicalola Falls in Georgia. I started that hike with a veritable motely crue of hikers…

Ah..the legendary trail angel Miss Janet just walked in so this entry’s going to have to be pause for a bit…

ok, here we go.

I started with a random bunch and some have already summited and few are on their way. Few others made it as far as they could before different strings started tugging at their sleeves. Still, most, expect the unfortunately named banana shakedry, made it well beyond the half way point. A real accomplishment, given the weather we had.

I summited Katahdin on the 17th of September, five days short of six months on the trail. That too with well over 45 zero days.

I had a few entries written in the meanwhile but the timing never worked out and I am bound to revisit those entries and my pictures. I am sure my intermittent notes on guide books and photographs taken along the trail will jostle my memory and string a few narratives.

needless to say, perhaps, that much has happened and I am still processing events and moments I have long since hiked past.

Still, I owe it to myself to write some of these down and subject these experience to a bit of introspection. It will be selective, admittedly, but i’ll try my best.

So, yeah, I am staying as a work-for-stay employee at the White Mountain Lodge and Hostel in Shelburne. This hostel, as some of you hiker trash already know, is the new project of one of our hiker buddies’ mum. And it is beautiful, clean and wonderfully hospitable. It is also a half way home for some of us wayward thru hikers who can’t tear ourselves away from the trail and hiker trash lifestyle even after summiting Katahdin. There are three of us former thru hikers here at the moment, lending a hand running the place: running shuttles, breakfast, housekeeping, etc.

I’ve been eating. A lot. So I went on my first run today. My new Saloman trail runners are quite nice and felt great running the 2 mile to the shelter and the 2 back to the hostel. I even put in some push ups, dips and even crunches.

Oh, I shaved off my hiker beard (most of it) and hair (all of it). The goatee stays!

so this is it, just a brief note to warm up my typing fingers…i’ll start updating this journal regularly and it will totally reflect MO: non linear and sporadic, but with less pictures (the computer here is not very fast and when coupled with even slower internet…well, let’s just say, that I rather just type than dealing with pictures.

so, yes….expect posts

Hikertrash NOBO 2013!!!

Swami Bittergoat didder done dat Mt.Katahdin


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