spring trim


[27 lbs w/ 4 days food + 1 L water]


Backpack  Granite Gear Crown VC 60 (Reg) w/line-loc lid

Stuff Sacks  6 assorted sizes [MEC Pakrat & Hyperlite Mountain Gear]

Pack liner  Trash compactor bag

Pack cover  Sea to Summit Silnylon Medium in forest green

Food sacs  zip locks & Sea to Summit 12 L compression

Laundry  Scrubba portable washing machine (doubles as bearbag & water tote)


Summer Bag  Montbell UL downhugger thermal sheet 10 C (Reg)

Pad  Therm-a-rest prolite (S)

Bag liner  Sea to Summit silk liner


Tent  Big Agness Fly Creek UL 1 with fly

Stakes  8 Big Agness aluminum + 2 Vargo titanium sheppard hooks

Worn clothing

Shorts  Ex-officio stretch

Shirt  Patagonia Cap 1 tank & short sleeve

Base bottom Nike drift combat core leggins

Underwear  Icebreaker bodyfit 150 boxer brief & Ex-officio Give n Go boxers

Headwear :  Trucker hat & Bandana

Socks  Icebreaker inners, Injini Toe socks, Darn Tough hikers

Footwear  Keen Alamosa mids, Teva sandles

In soles  Sole

Shells & Insulation

Rain  Marmot Precip jacket and pants

Gloves  MEC biking gloves

Gaiters  MEC long Gore-Tex gaiters

Jacket  Patagonia down shirt

Headwear  Golite toque

Consumables (1.5 Lb/per day)

Breakfast  assortment of hot chocolate + carnation milk + expresso mix, pop tarts, cliff bars, assorted chocolate bars

Lunch  chocolate and granola bars, M&Ms, trail mix, dried fruit, Salami

Dinner  Ramen noodles, Lipton sides, Knorr soups, chunk tuna/chicken, jerky

Tortillas, stovetop stuffing, mountain house pouches (once a month), summer sausage, dehydrated vegetables, soup mixes, Garlic cloves


Vargo Triad stove + windscreen + beer bottle cap primer tray

16 oz nalgene bottle for alcohol

Utensils  Sea to Summit Long spoon

Cup  Campbell’s soup-at-hand container


Knife  3 inch folding knife

Rope  Exped Deema 50 ft, 240 kg Test, reflective

Light  Princeton Tec

Fire  Vargo titanium flint + small lighter + fuel tabs


1 l Smart water bottle & 0.5 L Aquamira DipNGo filter bottle

Purification   Aquamira

Luxury, Electronics & Navigation

GPS  SPOT 2 GPS tracker (SOS calls & update family with I’m ok check-ins)

Compass  on smartphone w/ DSL enhancer app

Camera  Samsung S3 with Otterbox ultimate (w/ AT shelter weather app)

Battery pack  Techgir LIV (doubles as emergency flash light/ light reflector)

Trekking Poles  Leki Makalu Trail (doubles as clothing line, emergency shelter poles)

Books  AWOL’s AT guide, Gibran’s Prophet + 1 paperback + Journal & pen

Misc  Farewell card from friends

First aid & hygiene

First aid kit  Moleskin, ibuprofen, pain-relief creams, Band-Aids, small scissors

Tweezers, 1 oz. liquid surgical soap, small gauze roll, small scrubbing pad, sewing needle, 10 ft duct tape, 1 oz hand sanitizer

Toiletries  Small toothbrush & paste + dental floss (doubles as repair thread)

Toilet paper x1 field stripped, wet wipes, small plastic squeeze bottle

Pack towel  Scrubba compact travel towel (doubles as bandana and scarf)


My full pack at mile 600: 32 lbs with 4 days of food + 1 L water


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