a good book on the trail is like a delicious blueberrymilkshake and I have both, at the Wood’s Hole Hostel, VA

Currently Reading

  • Vagabonding: The Uncommon Guide to Longterm Travel[Ralph Potts]

On the Shelf

  • Game of Thrones Series [George R. Martin]
  • Walkin’ with the Ghost Whisperers: Lore and Legends of the Appalachian Trail [Junius R. Tate]

Completed on the Appalachian Trail

  • Infinite Plane [Isabel Allende]
  • Black Like Me [John Howard Griffin]
  • Touching Spirit Bear [Ben Mikaelsen]
  • A Walk Across America [Peter Jenkins]
  • The Prophet [Kahil Gibran]
  • Caves of Steel [Isaac Asimov]
  • Memoirs of a Geisha [Arthur Golden]

Suggestions from my Shelf

  • Skinny Legs and All [Tom Robbins]
  • Atonement [Ian McEwan]
  • Sea of Poppies [Amitav Gosh]
  • Demian [Herman Hesse]
  • This Side of Paradise [ John Steinbeck]

when it rains–and it has rained a lot–get cozy, grab a good book


at the hiker haven otherwise known as the Black Burn Center, overlooking the Washington monument in the distance


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