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Swami BitterGoat would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting his 2013 AT thru-hike through their donations and moral support:


Tech Gir Mini: 5000 mAh [good enough to chage your iphone 3-4 times from zero], built in flashlight with 600+ flash light hours, 5 oz pack weight


wild willy

Thru Hiker Wild Willy with the TechGir Gold, charging his cell phone atop Clingman’s Dome, Tennessee


A Toronto based copany and makers of powerful, portable battery packs for those power-hungry gadjets on the trail, especially on the AT, where tree cover and cloudy days rule out solar chargers as a viable alternative. They keep me powered up!


Thru Hikers Noodles charging his depleted cell phone via a Techgir batttery at an AT shelter in Georgia

Canadian Geographic Compass Blog

Smart and comprehensive, the premier choice for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts. Check out their main site and blogs for the latest on sites and scenes around Canada, travel gear, trip planning and much more

Spot GPS Navigation

BitterGoat’s friends and family who loves him still despite his myriad of eccentricities. Spot satellite tracker will be my go-to device for keeping track on and of the trail. Send out SOS messages, keep friends family updated on my tracks and send out ‘Alive and well. Write me. Feed me’ messages. Look for my upcoming posts on my initial reaction and extended use reviews of this ‘essential’ luxury item


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