wanna help?

  • Cold beers, warm meals, E-hugs, love notes, a hot shower they uplift a trail weary sojourner’s trodden spirits like no other, except, perhaps, the trail itself.  You can support me in a number of different ways.


    a sampling of food eaten on the trail. This is a four day supply

  • Send me your love, prayers and food.  I love receiving trail mail, and I’ll send you lovely hand written if barely readable thank you notes and even shout outs on my trail journals, but if you are sending food please keep weight considerations in mind and don’t send much unless you’d like to feed my erstwhile hiker buddies as well, which is not a bad idea either.  Keep food packages to a maximum of 8 lbs and let me know where and when I should expect them to avoid confusion and double bookings. Here’s a list of things that will no doubt put a smile on my face: freeze dried or dehydrated foodstuff, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, single serve oatmeal packages, Knorr pasta sides, Tuna salad packets, koolaid singles (grape rocks!), tea bags (Lemon ginger is my favourite), Peanut M&Ms, Granola bars (blueberry Yogurt ones are delicious as they are healthy)
  • Helpful tip: Amiththan ‘Swami BitterGoAT’ Sebarajah loves Mountain House meal packages, especially their line of backcountry desserts and O’Henry Bars.
  • Want to be my a trail angel? Consider buying a thirsty hiker a cold pint and a hot shower while in town. This is a sure way accumulate some awesome trail karma. Email money Transfers can be sent directly to my email: amiththan@gmail.com buy me a meal or hostel stay while in town buy donating securely through paypal
buy me a meal or hostel stay while in town

buy me a meal or hostel stay while in town




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